Schulleben :: Schuljahr

Folgende Zeilen erreichten uns von Peter Ngugi, dem Schulleiter unserer Partnerschule in Kenia.

The St Andrews Tarabete Secondary School fraternity and the community of Kasarani and all the students expresses our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Hebel Gymnasium for the very great assistance you have accorded to our students , the school and the entire community. On February we received EUROS 4,000

The great assistance that you have continued to provide over the years has enabled this school to progress very well.

St Andrews is excelling in the sub county and county both in curricular and co curricular activities.

The scholarship you have awarded to our needy students has enabled most of them to be in school most of the time and thus more contact hours with the teachers. Before you came in , most of them used to stay at home for more than a month after being sent for school fees which really affected their performance.

Our science laboratory is well equipped with apparatus, chemicals and reagents through your donation. Our students are now performing very well in sciences.

The Board of Management, Parents Association, teachers and students are always grateful for your great help and assistance.

Yours faithfully

Peter Ngugi

Principal /secretary PA&BOM St Andrews Tarabete Secondary School